Iridient Developer Tutorials

In addition to these online tutorials there is additional "user's manual" style documentation available for Iridient Developer which can be viewed by clicking the Help button in the Settings window or choosing "Iridient Developer Help" from the Help menu while running the program.

Getting Started

Workflow integration tips for other photo management software

Iridient Developer is primarily focused on early stage image processing tasks including RAW conversion, exposure and highlight recovery, camera color calibration, white balance, RGB and LAB tone curves, lens corrections, noise reduction and sharpening.

Many common photo tasks such as asset management, catalog organization and browsing, IPTC/XMP metadata editing, slide shows, social media sharing, web page export and printing are left to other programs. There are many good programs available which can handle some or all of these tasks and more. Here are some tips and links to a few popular programs I'm aware of that are being used by Iridient Developer users for other photo workflow tasks, ranging in price from free to fairly expensive.